Congratulations to our alumni scholarship award winners

Jeff Laubert – Medical Dietetics

“Being selected for this award means so much to me, as it allows me to focus on my final year of education in the Medical Dietetics program. As a fourth year Medical Dietetics student, I have the opportunity to be placed within various internship rotations throughout the year to gain valuable dietetics experience. My current internship is at the Chillicothe VA Medical Center. This requires an hour-long drive both ways, four days a week. This commute can be costly, but the funds I’ve received from this scholarship help alleviate this burden so I can give back to our nation’s heroes.”

Morgan Von Holle – Health Sciences

“This scholarship will allow me to get more involved in meaningful campus engagement and remove a significant financial burden. The generosity demonstrated by investing in my future has made all the difference. I plan to use this scholarship to intern at a local organization that focuses on reducing infant mortality and promotes child health and wellness. After graduation, I intend to enroll in a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner graduate entry program and hope to work in primary care in an under-served community. Thank you for your lasting commitment to the School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences at The Ohio State University.”

Thank you to our many generous donors who make these scholarships possible!